Jeremy Slavitz
Based in San Francisco, California

June 26, 1995


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Jeremy Slavitz, from San Francisco, California, is a student at Tufts University getting ready to become an game designer upon graduation.


Beginning game development

When Jeremy was just 15 years old, he received an iPod Touch with his first computer. He was so intrigued by the little device and the App Store that he decided to attempt to make a game for it. Over the course of the next two years, with Google and the Unity Forums as his sole resource, he learned Unity, Blender, Gimp and as much C# as necessary to craft his very own iOS app – a clone of the wondrous experience named Portal. While financially successful, the clone’s release was not emotionally fulfilling for Jeremy. Metamorphic embodies his attempt to create something beautiful he could truly call his own. Over the past three years through much research, thought, design and development, he has attempted to gain an understanding of the science of game development through the creation of Metamorphic.

The making of Metamorphic

For the past three years, development on Metamorphic has intermitently when being a student was not taking up all Jeremy's time. While Metamorphic began as a simple experiment long ago, as Jeremy began to discover the complexity, nuance and depth that game development had to offer, his passion and drive for the project has since morphed into something much larger than he ever anticipated. Once fueled by the desire to prove himself, it ultimately became the idea of experiencing what he had imagined that motivated him to return to development after so much time of forced non-development. Only a month away from release, seeing people play the game has been a nearly surreal experience for Jeremy.


Selected Articles

  • "Slavitz, still inspired by puzzle games like 'Portal,' began work on a new game, that would be no mere clone but instead would introduce new and innovative mechanics"
    - John Gallagher, Tufts Daily

Team & Collaborators

Jeremy Slavitz
Game Designer

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